Sharla’s Southern Sasses!


Why a street team? Because things work better when done with friends. Writing is a solitary endeavor, and marketing and promotion is not. I need help—your help—in order to succeed.

Mission:  Our mission in being involved in my Street Team is to alert others to me and my books. 

For ebooks:  Ebook promo is a little easier.  It’s just pimping on the internet wherever you can.  🙂  Linking to my purchase links, my website , my author Facebook page , my Goodreads account , and talking up my new releases, showing off the covers whenever you can.  Any and all is appreciated!

For print books:  You’ll get bookmarks, postcards you can either mail or hand out, and mini booklets if applicable.  Pass them out at your discretion to whomever you’d like.  There is no time limit, so just do whatever makes you comfortable.  

I also got tote bags made as a gift from me to you, but if you’re not a tote bag freak like me, I won’t add to your closet pile.  LOL.  But if you like them, I’m happy to send you one!


Several ideas of where to pass the goodies out are at book clubs, libraries, and book stores.  You’d need to talk to the people at the libraries and bookstores before you leave anything, but most are receptive.  If they don’t want it, no worries.  Someone else will.   You can also leave them in my books at bookstores.  Just tuck them inside the cover.

It doesn’t have to be limited to the above places:  Throw these things in your bag and hand out to your coworkers, your book club members, your bunko group, your church social, people at the gym, people at your daycare!   Wherever there are readers. I can’t be everywhere, but I’d like my book to be. Also, if you are on social media, you are encouraged to Facebook and Tweet about it, whatever you are comfortable with, and give me feedback on what’s stirring interest. In return, you’ll get the secret handshake and decoder ring to know things before anyone else…LOL.

Seriously, I will give you a heads up on new releases and cover reveals before they are made public, and will occasionally draw names to win a signed finished book of releases before they hit the shelves.

Please email me at or message me on Facebook to sign up, and I’ll send you an invite to the Facebook page I’ve set up to communicate with everyone.  That’s where we have ALL the fun.  😉  You can also go there directly to the page at  and “Join”.  See you there!

Thanks for being a Southern Sass !!!



  1. Sharla, I’m a member of your team – unofficially! I spread the word to any readers I run into. Just yesterday, I was at a sister-chapter meeting, and I saw someone with your book bag. I asked if she’d read your book, and she said no – I gushed about it (3 other people were listening) and they all wrote your title down.

    We won’t get you on the bestseller list…your awesome book will do that all by itself!

  2. You are the bomb, Laura!! That is the truest sense of what we as fellow authors do for each other. We pimp each other’s books! Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to do the same for you, chica! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your success and your up coming book release!!!

  4. Sharla, I want to be on your street team! Send me your stuff!

  5. I’d love to be on your street team 🙂

  6. street peeps! Proud to spread the good word! Im in!

  7. Valeria Thibodeaux

    I would LOVE to be on your team also!!!! I have read all 3 books and love them all. The new cover is amazing, especially the bluebonnets in the backgound!!!!!

  8. I would love to be on your street team.

  9. Would love a bag and to spread the word

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