Discussion Guide for Before And Ever Since




(Click here for printable Word .doc file)


1)   We’ve all said, “If these walls could talk…” at some time or another. If yours did, would you want to know the hidden truths?

2)   Do you feel that Emily was right or wrong to keep her secret? Why or why not?

3)   Do you think that Emily sees her mother in a different light by the end of the story? Why or why not?

4)   If you could revisit a day or moment in your life–or one from your family’s–just as an observer, what would it be?

5)   Cassidy is grown and making life choices that her parents aren’t crazy about. Do you relate more with Emily’s approach or Kevin’s?

6)   Do you think that Emily should have shared what was going on with her sister, Holly? Do you think it might have brought them closer?

7)   Ben had an abusive childhood. Do you feel that shaped him into the loner and free spirit he became, or seeing how Cassidy is so similar, do you think it’s genetic?

8)   How do you see Emily and Ben’s relationship playing out, going forward?


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