Buzz for Before And Ever Since!

Lovelace does a great job of bridging the past with the present. The characters are smart, funny and well rounded. It is refreshing to see a female character, with obvious vulnerabilities, exhibit such strength in situations that would make other women cringe.

~RT Book Reviews…on Before And Ever Since


Before And Ever Since is a beautifully crafted, thought provoking story that engaged me from the first few words. [It] is a story about the humanness of people, the fallibility that we all have, and the ability that we are gifted with to overcome some major obstacles in order to achieve the HEA that is very richly deserved. The chemistry between Emily and Ben was sizzling hot, and I was quite enamored of these two attempting to work things out…that I could NOT put this story down until I finished it. Therefore, I Joyfully Recommend Before And Ever Since!

~Joyfully Reviewed, November 2012 Recommended Read


Emotionally rich and beautifully told, Sharla Lovelace’s Before And Ever Since is a magical tale of love and family. You’ll hate for it to end.

~Rhapsody Book Club


Sharla Lovelace is a gifted storyteller. She creates characters that are very down-to-earth, flawed and understand that there isn’t a fairy tale happily ever after waiting for them at the end. It’s raw, it’s gritty and it’s not tied up with a pretty bow, which makes it feel so very real. I loved [Before And Ever Since] and I love the characters. The story and the characters will grab you from the first page, demanding that we go on this journey with them. It was a journey I’m glad I took. I look forward to reading more from Sharla Lovelace in the future.

~Cocktails & Books


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