Discussion Guide for The Reason Is You



(click here for printable .pdf file)

1.  Mother/daughter relationships are difficult.  How do you think Dani’s lack of a mother impacted how she raised Riley?

2.  Do you think that if Dani hadn’t been ostracized growing up, that she would have still been so close to Alex?

3.  Why do you think Alex never chose to cross over and join his daughter once he realized Dani wasn’t going to simply be Sarah made over?

4.  Peer groups—especially girls—are tricky things.  Do you think that Riley’s outgoing personality made Dani wish she could have been more like that?

5.  Which of those personalities resonate with you personally?  Dani’s “stay-in-the-background-ness” or Riley’s “in-your-face-ness”?

6.  Can you understand a physical attraction to a ghost?  Do you think she would have still been attracted to him if he had been less appealing?  Ok—let’s say it.  If he’d been ugly!  Lol.

7.  Were you Team Alex or Team Jason?

8.  Do you agree with Nathaniel’s decision to keep the truth about Dani’s mother from her?  Why or why not?

9.  If you could have an “otherworldly power” like seeing spirits, do you think you would embrace it?  Why or why not?

10.  Dani moves to Dallas and reinvents herself with strangers, yet still keeps a wall up.  If you had the opportunity to reinvent yourself for one week, would you?  And what would you do?

11.  Why do you think that Dani was never visited by her mother?

12.  If you had the chance to visit with a deceased loved one, who would it be?

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