Letter from Jodi Thomas

I felt that this particular review deserved its own page, and when you read it, you’ll see why.  Bestselling author, Jodi Thomas, wrote it to me after my editor asked her to read THE REASON IS YOU for a cover quote.  Jodi took the pages of the manuscript with her on vacation, and…well, you have to read it to see the pure gem that this letter is.   I love this every time I read it.  Warm fuzzies!!!

The Letter…


Wendy, Please forward to Sharla.  Thanks for asking me to read this story.  Quote at end.  Jodi.

Sharla Lovelace, author of THE REASON IS YOU…

I ran a copy of your book the week I was teaching at the West Texas Writing Academy—-I thought I’d have time to read it in the dorm at night—no such luck.  Students from 7 am til midnight.  Soooo I packed the stack of bright yellow pages in my carry-on to New York.  Thinking I’d read it at night—-no time but picked up the RITA and Booksellers award—-I was too busy dancing in the streets.

Sooooo, Sunday as I waited at JFK for the flight to England, I read the first 50 pages and left them—-not my style of book, I told myself, but love your voice.

No time to read in London, had to see everything, but you were packed away in my bag through museums and pubs.  Saw where Thomas Becket died–cried.

Sooooo, week later at London Heathrow, I read next 50 pages as I waited to go to Amsterdam.  Thought you had echoes everywhere, but so do I.  Wendy will get them out.  I’m starting to like the ghost.  A sexy ghost with a sense of humor.  You made me LOL several times.

Sooooo, third day in Amsterdam, I’m resting (walking tours on uneven roads killing me—-read next 50 pages—-I’m liking Alex by now, even if he is a ghost—just like all men, never hangs around when you need to talk.

Sooooo, we board the Viking Ship in Amsterdam—-off to Holland, Germany, France, Spain—-I’m dropping pages as I go and I’m hooked on your book.  P.S. They should sell this tour as a weight loss tour of Europe.  Eating food I don’t like and walking everywhere.  What I wouldn’t give for a chicken-fried steak about now.

Windmills, churches, and polka music.

Sooooo, last stop Switzerland——At airport reading, wanting a love scene with the ghost.—–great job by the way.  Love the way you did it.

Saw Lyon of Lucerne on a rainy day—cried.

I’m loving how ‘Jason even slept sexy.’   Reread that chapter.

Flight back to NY—–read till I finished….cried it was so tender.  Fast moving story making the flight short.  Left the last pages in Dallas.  Came home with only first and last page of your book —– Great action packed ending. —–hate myself for not keeping pages so I could read again.

Finally, the quote:   “A hauntingly beautiful story from a writer with a fresh new voice.”

Feel free to use part or all of this quote.

Also Sharla, if you want to use this e-mail on your website or blog, you are welcome to.  I’ve never done this with a book but in a strange way I feel like I took you with me on my month of traveling.  We laughed, we cried, and little bits of your story were left in six countries.

Jodi Thomas

(Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of THE COMFORTS OF HOME and JUST DOWN THE ROAD)
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