Why coffee is my BFF

I wasn’t even going to post anything today…it being an official Be Lazy Day and all.  It’s not that at your house?  Sorry about that!

But anyway…I was flipping through my email and got the automatic feed from Jenny Hansen’s blog about So Much Coffee, So Little Time and I just couldn’t stand to not do something.  She talks about her love for the brew…even posts pictures of her favorite mugs.  I can’t lie down on this.  I have to join in the crazies.

Coffee…I’ve decided…was Heaven sent.  I mean, God put those wonderful little beans on bushes for a reason!  Now, I guess you could say the same thing for tobacco leaves and …ahem…another funny little leaf…  and poppy seeds…  but HANG ON!  Okay, maybe not everything He put down here is something we have used to our greater good, but coffee is just a cup full of wonderful.

Do you hear the angels?  No?  That was just me?

Here are six reasons coffee works for me, along with some pics of my favorite all time mugs that the rest of my family knows to back away from. 🙂

1) It turns my brain on in the morning after I stumble around with all systems decidedly OFF.

2) It makes the house smell good.

3) It makes that little gurgling sound that gets my birds to chirping…see it makes them happy too.

4) It WAKES ME UP, and more importantly, gives me a good attitude.

5) It can be straight, flavored, creamed, whatever.  You can customize it to your liking!!

6) Without it, I’m not a good person.

Like Jenny, I’m trying to drink more water although I’m not a fan.  I do drink alot of sweet tea at night…more than I should…but this is the South and I’m pretty sure it’s required.  On the weekends, coffee is only a morning thing because I can switch over to that, but on weekdays at the day job, coffee flows like…well…like how water probably should.  🙂

What are your thoughts on it?  Are you a coffee drinker?  Tea?  Soda?  What’s your weakness?

And feel free to share pics of your favorite mugs, either in the comments if you can, or tweet them to me at @sharlalovelace.

Okay, Jenny, you made me be all productive today.  Had to actually get up off the couch and go take pictures of mugs.  See the power you yield?  LOL!


About Sharla Lovelace

Writer of romantic women's fiction. Wife, mom, and wonderwoman...without the boobs. National Bestselling Author of THE REASON IS YOU, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, and the e-novella JUST ONE DAY. Lover of anything red.

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  1. Every day at 3 am, I’m sitting in front of my computer, writing. That does NOT happen without untold quantities of the nectar of the Gods – trust me.

    Two things they’ll pry from my cold, dead fingers. My coffee mug and my bread. Not necessarily in that order.


    But don’t you wonder – who looked at a coffee bean, on a bush, and thought, “Gee, I wonder what that would taste like, dried and crushed, and brewed in hot water?” Whoever it was, he’s my hero. So’s Juan Valdez.

  2. Sharla, I adore your mug collection (well, really, you made me smile with this entire post). And wasn’t it fun to line up all your coffee stuff and take pictures? Didn’t it make that first sip taste better??

    What a fun start to my day. Thanks bunches!!

    • LOL so glad to share your coffee fetish today, Jenny! Honestly, it’s a very fortunate thing that the nearest Starbucks is in the entirely opposite direction from work, or I would have a major budget problem. If they ever put one in that path, I may need to ask for a raise. Or get a second job. 🙂

  3. Coffee indeed my 2nd addiction. It comes right after buying books–but come to think about it, I always have a skinny latte (the largest size I can get them to make me in my special mug) – finally had to get a latte maker for home but it comes with its very own high price for the coffee. One of my favorites in DC was that on the days when I made that terrible long commute alone, there were 4 Starbucks on my route – and yes – I hit each one for my venti skimmed latte. Okay, there went the first hours wages. The worst part, the Starbucks in downtown DC parking meter only allowed for 10 minutes @ 75cents. I had numerous city parking tickets at $100 each – but still had to have my latte. Heavens, I’ve already posted a blog today – I may have to do mug photos and stuff.

  4. They can put it in an intravenous and mainline the stuff. Love coffee …

    BUT … Three weeks before and one month after a surgery I was restricted from the caff. part of the stuff. I said to myself … well … it you can get full octaine what’s the use? But I tried decafe espresso … Pilon spanish coffee … and the taste was great. Eighteen months later I still drink more coffee than any other liquid and because I grew up on the stuff … I’ve discovered I love the taste.

    The boost it seems came even minus caff … I know you don’t believe me. But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. No pics of mugs. Mugs, camera are all in boxes except for one simple glass mug. Moving to my new house in eleven days … I think I might need a BIG boost to live through the drama of moving day :):)

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