My 10 Guilty Pleasures…

We all have them.  Those things that suck us in, keep us from doing the productive things we are SUPPOSED to be doing, and sometimes literally pull-the-money-out-of-our-pocket…

So being a firm believer in both guilt and pleasure… 🙂  …I thought I’d pay homage to my top ten.  In no particular order.

1)  DVR.  Honestly, I don’t know how we managed before it.  We are a major TV family, and now, there’s this magic box that records all our favorite shows, and all I have to do is turn on the TV and there they all are…in a list…waiting for me.  Love!

2)  Twitter / Facebook.  I’m addicted.  I admit it.  Twitter, more than Facebook, because that’s where all my writer peeps are, but I’m a hopeless social media slave.  I visit…I chat…I promote…and I learn.  And Twitter can be your friend.  🙂  I met my agent there!

3)  Shopping for books.  Especially since I got my Nook, I shop like a crazy woman…it’s just so easy.  But I also adore browsing through a bookstore, touching the covers, smelling the paper and ink in the room.  All those stories….sigh…

4)  Shopping for decor.  Kirklands, Pier One, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn… They are all the Mother Ship to me.  I could get lost in any of them and completely lose track of time.  Love, love, love…

5)  Shopping online in general.  There’s something entirely too easy about scrolling on a screen and clicking to purchase and ship without ever leaving your chair.  Buy, buy, buy…

6)  Nachos.   Really? Do I need to elaborate?

7)  Ice cream.   I love ice cream.  My favorite is Pecan Pralines and Cream, and my favorite DQ blizzard right now is Turtle Pecan Cluster.  Life is always better with ice cream…

8)  Heavily buttered popcorn.  You know…I can be completely full and miserable, and popcorn cooking is one of those things that can still make you drool, regardless.

9)  Lying in a hammock, next to a shady lake on a beautiful day, with said book I previously shopped for.

10)  Somebody playing with my hair.  That might be a girl thing, but I’ve loved it since I was a child.  My mom used to do it, and there are times I’d pay my husband to do it.  LOL.  Luckily I don’t have to.  My daughter has it just as bad.  I’m tempted to charge her.  🙂

So tell me yours! 


About Sharla Lovelace

Writer of romantic women's fiction. Wife, mom, and wonderwoman...without the boobs. National Bestselling Author of THE REASON IS YOU, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, and the e-novella JUST ONE DAY. Lover of anything red.

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  1. Lorrie Thomson

    Dark chocolate in the morning before I write. It’s an office staple.

  2. Hi, Sharla. Hershey chocolate. mmmm. Cheetoes and a good book and a coke. A good movie with Handsome. 🙂

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