Today’s Author Spotlight: Family Graces by Kathryn Magendie!

JUST 5 MORE DAYS!  (not that I’m counting….nope…)  And before I get to the meat of today’s giveaway, I want to mention that my book is being reviewed over at Dawn Alexander’s blog today.  🙂 tiny squee!!   So if you’re so moved, after stopping here, maybe you can stop over there.  Thanks!!

LOL.  I want to thank Donna Grant for giving away a signed copy of DARKEST HIGHLANDER to Denise Ellis  yesterday!  Congrats Denise !!


Today’s spotlight is on an author I hold dear to my heart, Kathryn Magendie.  She is a  sweet and funny friend and one of the peeps that graciously quoted for my book!  Kat, I love you, my friend!   Her third book in the Graces trilogy (TENDER GRACES, SECRET GRACES…) comes out in April with mine!  FAMILY GRACES is going to be awesome and I can’t wait.  

Kathryn Magendie is an author, and Publishing Editor of The Rose & Thorn. She was born a West-by-god Virginia Hillbilly (and proud of it), moved here, there, and yonder, was stuck in the swamps of South Louisiana for many years, and one fine morning she left behind her moss-filled grandfather oak trees in South Louisiana and floated off to Home in a tucked-in cove in Maggie Valley, Western North Carolina, where she spins tales, drinks Deep Creek Blend coffee, an occasional vodka tonic with lime, and contemplates the glow of Old Moon.

She is a member of organizations such as BR NAWW, North Carolina Writer’s Network, Mountain Writer’s Alive in Haywood County, Backspace The Writer’s Place, Netwest Mountain Writers.

Beautiful Maggie Valley, North Carolina, in Haywood County, has folded her into their arms and she is ever-appreciative and respectful of this town, this county, and these mountain people.  Sometimes she writes in the third person like this, but she doesn’t like it, because it makes her feel a bit wonky and ickily self-important, but yet, then again, it allows her to remain distant from herself and that makes her laugh, slapping her knee. Her short stories, essays, photography, and poetry have been published in both online and print publications.

Of course I had to ask Kat the same three questions everyone else had to answer!!  🙂

What’s your favorite love story hero, from any story, any genre?

– I am the most unromantic of women. I hate kissing scenes, bleah! So do you know the first image that popped into my head when you asked that question? Well, since it’s the first thing I thought of, that’s what I’m going with. Shrek! Yup, ole green ogre Shrek. I just think that love story so sweet, and not at all sappy. And in the first one, if I remember correctly, he wanted to love the gorgeous Fiona but wasn’t sure he was attracted to her; I mean, she was sooo lovely, and he thought “ugh” *laughing!* Love it! Then she revealed she was an ogre, too, and he was so relieved. I just thought that was cute as can be. Say it with me now: awwwwwwww!

What’s your favorite love song and why?

– Omg, here I go again. With a completely NOT romantic song that isn’t even really a love song, but it pops into my head every time I’m asked a version of this question, and I think it does because I am, again, so not romantic, and am not a cuddler or hugger, and really not much of a demonstrative person, and am so often into my own head, and forget to say “I love you,” and, well, poor GMR!    But if I were to suddenly disappear, I’d want to be missed. So, yeah, I’m a freak; I’m a weirdo.
I’m a freak; I’m a weirdo
I don’t care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice when I’m not around…”
That’s what goes through my mind. I’m trying to insert something else. Um. Er. I’ll keep thinking . . .

What’s your guilty pleasure comfort food?

 – Actually, I can break apart that question. Comfort food: grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup–nothing like it to make me feel comforted. Guilty Pleasure food: Any kind of rich decadent dessert that makes you feel slightly sick after you’ve eaten every bite, but you eat it anyway, even knowing you are feeling slightly sick, because that’s part of the guilt in the pleasure.

Now…for the good stuff… 
In lieu of a single blurb, here is a summary of the entire trilogy…
Forgiveness is the hardest path to travel…

In the first of the trilogy, Tender Graces, at Grandma Faith’s urging, lonely Virginia Kate returns home from South Louisiana to the West Virginia holler to release her momma’s ashes and confront her family’s turbulant past.

In book 2, Secret Graces, Virginia Kate seeks to find the love and acceptance that has eluded her, and finds that her grandma’s and momma’s legacies have come to haunt her despite her vow to live her live differently.

In Family Graces, storyteller Virginia Kate explores her momma’s (Katie Ivene), grandma’s (Grandma Faith), stepmother’s (Rebekha), and adoptive daughter’s (Adin) lives, where along the way, she discovers her own path to love, freedom, acceptance, and forgiveness.


Oh my goodness, I read the first two and can’t WAIT for this!   Now it’s your turn!

Leave a comment below for Kathryn (including your email address!), saying hello, dropping a thought or two about the book, the blurb, her dog, and her fun picture of her in her mountain cove!!  (I have special rocks picked from her creek…yep, I’m special like that…)  Okay, so same rules apply… Comment before 10pm CST (because I need my sleep…lol) and a random commenter (chosen by The Hat) will be chosen to win a signed copy of Kat’s book, FAMILY GRACES.  

For more information on Kathryn Magendie and her books go to

Now go comment to win this book!  🙂


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  1. Kathryn’s novels sound lovely. And I like her Radio Head song pick.

  2. *muwah* – I feel the same about you, Sharla!

    And folkses – I’ll be out of touch for a while on a trip, but can’t wait to see who will have a copy of the brand-spankling-new Family Graces. Y’allses are WONDERFUL!

  3. I’ve read the book (both of the Graces) and love love love them both. I can see them being read many times over the years. True keepers. And if I happen to win, I would like to give the prize to a friend. I am not here to win, I am here because I adore Kat and I love her books!

  4. Really beautiful cover and I love any theme surrounding forgiveness and FREEDOM! Hugs to you my green, guffawing, gal!!!!

    Big congrats to you on this trilogy. :O)

  5. Angelah Rodrigues

    I can’t wait to read the last book of the trilogy. I simple loved Tender Graces and somehow Kat seems to find the perfect picture for her cover page. I love the other two and I love this one too. What I like best about her story telling is the way she draws you into her world, the
    ‘earthy dialogue’ between her characters, the real life things that all of us seem to see but kat manages to weave into a story…… are left thinking……oh i been somewhere similar….i seen that…….but I never noticed until I read this. That’s what makes her writing so good , so real…….like homemade butter on a slice of bread with a big blop of homemade jam.

  6. Would that I be as noble as Karen. But nope . . . I’m here to win! I read both the Graces and can’t wait to read the third! (not to mention Sweetie) And I love Kat! She is my mountain buddy when I mosey on up there for a week or two every summer. She’s introduced me to good Thai food and awesome dog shampoo (among other things….like her incredible ability to build her characters into real, living, heart-beating souls). So, like Donkey on Shrek I’m jumping up and down here, arm in the air yelling pick me! pick me!

  7. I can hardly wait to read Family Graces. I’ve been hooked on Virginia Kate since she was a gleam in Kat’s eye!

  8. Congraluations enjoy your writings
    life is fun have a good trip

  9. Gorgeous dark cover. This was one of the most interesting interviews I’ve read in quite a while. And the books are so atypical and intriguing. I want to read all of them! Thank you for introducing me to Kathryn, Sharla.

  10. I love series/trilogies, and the Graces trilogy looks wonderful. Pick me so I can find out just how wonderful! 🙂

  11. Even in my dark moments, you manage to make me smile, Kat. I’ve only just started reading Tender Graces, but I’m hooked. I’ll certainly want to read the whole trilogy.

  12. I LOVE trilogies and this one sounds GREAT!!!! I can’t wait to read them!!

  13. thanks for visiting Kat! Appreciate you coming by!

  14. Y’all have made my day — I am here in fairhope, Alabammy at a conference – right now, though, I am with some wonderful writer friends sitting by the hotel pool – a nice warm day but with a cool breeze — blue skies — and tonight, a martini . . . but only one *laugh*

    Now these beautiful comments — my day is truly completely wonderful.

    Evie – I can’t wait to send you Family Graces when it is out next month! *smiling warmly*

    Y’all are the BEST!

  15. Hi. I’m from one of those hollers in West By God, and nowI know I have to get copies of these books. Thanks for the intro to both the author and the series!

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