Another Shameless Saturday!! And a month countdown…

Okay, since no one signed for today’s Shameless Saturday…I’m using it myself.  Because today…is exactly one month till THE REASON IS YOU releases.  Let the hyperventilating commence.

So, here you go.  With an updated cover that has a cool tagline:  Sometimes falling into the past is the way forward…  (squeee!)



  by Sharla Lovelace

  Romantic Women’s Fiction w/a paranormal twist

  Amazon / B&N





Now, because we all adore FREE, you can be next!!

All you have to do is click that button to the right to follow the blog.  And by doing that, you will qualify to SHAMELESSLY PLUG YOUR BOOK.

I am offering anyone with a desire to promote their book here, to do so in the comments below.   Brag, brag, brag!!!

But that’s not all.  You really get a 2-Saturday deal out of it, because I will then contact you during the week for you to send me your cover (appropriate for all eyes, please) and links to where it’s available, and the following Saturday it will be showcased at the top of the post!    Like mine above!

And you can enter as many titles as you like, or spread them out week to week, whatever you choose.  The same title can’t be repeated again, though, until after 4 weeks from your original entry, just to be fair.

Sound fun???  I’m excited.  So come on.  Be shameless.  Dance in the rain!  Celebrate!  Follow my blog and then send me your plugs!!!


About Sharla Lovelace

Writer of romantic women's fiction. Wife, mom, and wonderwoman...without the boobs. National Bestselling Author of THE REASON IS YOU, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, and the e-novella JUST ONE DAY. Lover of anything red.

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  1. I am so danged excited for you, Sharla! *doing the happy dance!*

  2. Sharla, I love the new tagline: Sometimes falling into the past is the way forward ….

    Can’t wait for the release!

  3. Such a beautiful cover, Sharla! You must be feeling over-the-top right now!

  4. Hi, Sharla!

    I responded belatedly to your “One Liners” post earlier. If you missed it, check it out!

    Kaye Wilson Klem

  5. Lorrie Thomson

    Yay! I’m excited for you, too! Love your countdown clock. Anyone who hasn’t already done so needs to read Sharla’s excerpt right now. It’s wonderful.

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