Do You Dream??

It’s a hit or miss question, and I thought I’d throw it out there for a Sunday because my daughter and I talk about this all the time.

She swears she doesn’t dream, or at least doesn’t remember them.  I happen to know she does because she talks/walks/has crazy conversations in her sleep and if that isn’t the product of a dream then I’m a little worried.  🙂

I’ve told her that she’s just dreaming in a deeper state, instead of the rest of us who dream in the beginning of sleep or right before we wake up.  I, for one, must do alot of going to sleep and waking up, because I dream constantly.

And it’s weird.  Time never has a relevance…it’s all over the place.

And I’m always driving something.  A car, usually, but I’ve driven boats, planes, jets, helicopters, motorcycles, bicycles, and even a spacecraft once.

Yeah.  I know.  And usually, it starts as one and ends up something else.  Also, there are always massive amounts of people, many times big buildings that go on forever or houses that go on forever that you have to find exits from room to room and they never end.  It’s kind of like living in a Dr. Suess book.

And then there are the storms.

Crazy storms that usually involve not one tornado but twenty or thirty at once, like something in a SyFy movie.


And waves.  Sometimes I’m scuba diving…but more often than not if there’s water it’s BIG. 

Freud would have a field day with me, I’m sure.  So that’s my psychosis….what’s yours?  LOL!  Do you dream?  And if so, what about?


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  1. Now I was just talking about this yesterday with my family! What happens to me is I wake up and I can’t move. I’m completely paralyzed. My mind knows I’m awake but not totally awake because I can’t move my limbs. So, I have to wake myself up. So I try to moan or grunt or anything to WAKE UP. And it works. I wake myself up and then I can move again. It’s the most weirdest and uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever had in my life – that feeling of paralysis. And I must be in a state between being awake and being asleep but to me, my mind is completely awake. I know I’m in bed, but I just can’t move. It makes me wonder if this is really how it feels to be paralyzed. Really creepy.

  2. Since you asked..Last night I dreamed of looking down from my bedroom window onto a snow-covered street. And when I woke up this morning, I thought it had really happened. Imagined my surprise when the street was in fact bare. (We’re having an uncharacteristic winter in southern NH.)

    Fairly recently I dreamed my stepmother, who’s a horse woman, was helping me onto a brown horse, about to race. And she said, “I hope you’re ready.” Then we rode. Checked out on-line dream dictionaries. This was a very good dream!

  3. Cool! I’ve blogged about dreaming two weeks in a row now, lol. Fascinating topic. Last night’s dreamed included something work related – a psychiatric client leaving the hospital and my supervisor (not anybody I know or have met in real life, yet anyway) were on our way to talk to her. And I dreamed that my partner was moving into a different house and I needed to help him furnish it. This one was weird – we weren’t separating or anything and there was no angst involved.

    Patricia – I researched the paralysis thing this week. Your brain puts the muscles to sleep while you’re dreaming so that you don’t run away from the monster and smash your head into a wall. Sometimes I guess we wake up before the movement is restored to our muscles. And – apparently when we do run around and talk in our dreams, it’s because something has interfered with the paralysis that is supposed to happen.

    All just totally fascinating.

    • Dreams are such cool things. Someone in the profession of studying them would have a field day with me. Because mine are always the same type of situation. And no one I’ve ever talked to has them like I do. Except one, and this gets weird… One day my brother and I were talking over coffee, and he mentioned his off the wall dreams, and he started talking about unending houses and multiple tornadoes and driving driving driving….I got goosebumps. We’d never talked about that before, but we dream the same. cue Twilight music…..

  4. Love this topic! I dream A LOT. Maybe it’s a writerly thing…recurring theme for me is always water, water everywhere. Floods, rivers, boats, beaches, etc. Also, I have a lot of dreams in which I’m trying to get through to someone on a phone and I can’t– either phone doesn’t work, or I keep dialing the wrong number…communication issues? Also, I sometimes dream I’m back in HS or college, and I have a huge test/paper that I have not studied for at all…

    I don’t know about you, but for me, since I started writing very seriously about three years ago, my dreams are not quite as dramatic as they once were. I’m thinking maybe I put some of my drama into my work, so I don’t need so much subconscious drama….

    Fun post!

    • I have alot of water too…and massive amounts of people. Could be people from now, or from when I was five, all mixed together. And sometimes I’m back in the high school band, trying to figure out a formation that goes terribly wonky. LOL.

      Oh and I forgot to mention above, about the animals that change…like a baby bird will later be a dog. And the things I drive change too. I may be in a car, but when I go to park, it’s a motorcycle or a boat.


  5. A friend tells me her dreams and they are lucious – I rarely seem to remember mine – but authorities tell us that we all dream. Then, a young friend had the nerve to ask me if I dreamed in color or black and white – please – I can’t remember my dreams – now someone wants to know if it’s in living color. I’m ready to make one up at this point.

    • I always remember mine right at first…and they are in color. I think because we live in color, and in some way it’s our memories that are jumbling up in there, or maybe projecting things how we know it. If we see in color, then it goes to figure we’d dream that way. I often wonder how blind people dream. If they have no memory of sight, would imagery be there? Or would their dreams be about sounds and sensations? Hmmm…

  6. I dream almost constantly. Always in color. I tend to remember dreams I had just before I wake up. Sometimes I recognize them as a way my subconscious has to work on a resolution of a real problem in daily life, though not too often. And those dreams are always couched in symbolism I can easily figure out. Otherwise I dream about anything and everything. As has been mentioned elsewhere, since 911 my dreams have become more vivid. But they always were pretty vivid. Maybe a vivid dream life is a help to a writer. : )

  7. Hey! we’re “sisters in dreams!” — I dream of tornadoes – lots of them – big black swirling monsters – and even was in the middle of one in one dream – though I haven’t had a tornado dream in a while. And as well I’ve had the big wave dreams – and both tornado/wave dream while in a car *laugh* —

    Often I dream of driving and the car is out of control (hmmmm !) –it’s going backwards and my brakes aren’t working and I’m frantically trying to control the car’s backward racing (hmmm! Freud anyone? :-D).

    GMr says he doesn’t dream, but he sometimes makes these sounds as if he’s having a horrible dream – he’s done this for years and even when I wake him during his sounds, he never remembers –ARGH! I want to know what he’s dreaming!

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