Shameless Saturday…it’s FREE!!

Now, doesn’t that word catch your attention?  We all love FREE!!

Okay, there’s one tiny cost…you have to click that button up there to follow me.  I mean, really?  Is it really a cost?  Because by following my blog, you will qualify to SHAMELESSLY PLUG YOUR BOOK

That’s right.  Shameless Saturday has been revamped.  I am offering anyone with a desire to promote their book here, to do so in the comments below.   Brag, brag, brag!!!

But that’s not all.  You really get a 2-Saturday deal out of it, because I will then contact you during the week for you to send me your cover and links to where it’s available, and the following Saturday it will be showcased at the top of the post!    Like this!



   by Sharla Lovelace

  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Books-A-Million





And you can enter as many titles as you like, or spread them out week to week, whatever you choose.  The same title can’t be repeated again, though, until after 4 weeks from your original entry, just to be fair.

Sound fun???  I’m excited.  So come on.  Be shameless.  Dance in the rain!  Celebrate!  Follow my blog and then send me your plugs!!!


About Sharla Lovelace

Writer of romantic women's fiction. Wife, mom, and wonderwoman...without the boobs. National Bestselling Author of THE REASON IS YOU, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, and the e-novella JUST ONE DAY. Lover of anything red.

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  1. I thought I already was following you, but when I looked it said I hadn’t been. I’m sorry about that. I meant to be following each of the Women Unplugged women. Anyway, yes, I’d love to be able to “brag” about my book Moon Over Alcatraz which came out on January 6th. Thanks for the offer, Sharla.

  2. Yay Patti!! You already have my email (lol) so send me your cover, genre, and links leading where to go to buy it. Whoo hoo!

  3. Thanks for the reminder to follow your blog, Sharla! LOVE your cover!!

  4. Sharla, I’m already following your blog and following you on twitter.

    What a neat idea this is, I appreciate the opportunity to talk about my book: Thicker Than Water (Brands Crossing Series) which was published in July of 2011 and is available at Amazon in both paperback and ebook versions.

    • Sharon, I’m trying to contact you but your link here says the site doesn’t exist anymore. Please email me at sharlals(at)yahoo(dot)com with your cover and purchase link or links. thanks!

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